Dave King’s inexplicable ‘attack’ on Rangers

Dave King’s inexplicable ‘attack’ on Rangers

We’ve not covered Dave King’s exit from the club in much detail, but while our overall opinion of his contribution is not negative, we have to admit we’re troubled by his insistence that we’re putting funding on hold while the club denies that and states new investment is at advanced stages.

The fact King left and made such a dramatic and negative statement about Rangers’ immediate future prospects is less concerning about our club’s prognosis, and more a question of why our former chairman felt the need to spread doom and gloom at a time positivity is more welcome than ever.

We know, that like all other clubs bar the very elite brands like Real, Man Utd and PSG, that we will be in financial difficulties for the next while – with no football on the horizon, there are no tickets to sell, and with companies having to presently downscale, merchandising operations have had to follow likewise.

But this puts Rangers in no different a boat to any other club, and why King decided to explicitly spread worry about our club’s prospects where instead clearly opportunities are being lined up is known only to him.

Has there been a rift behind the scenes between him and others?

We just can’t see why King would be so dramatic and eager to try to spread fear among supporters that the club was in trouble when it just isn’t. At least, not any more than other clubs at this difficult time.

We have major financial backers waiting for the right time – our own director Julian Wolhardt has astonishing funds and superb connections, while Stuart Gibson’s name isn’t far away either.

Now isn’t the right time, and investors will not plough any cash into sporting ventures for quite a while.

But in the medium term? Of course they will, as the world starts to get on its feet, and the club has stated there is funding ready.

So why King chose to mouth off about bleak prospects we’re not sure.

Only he knows.

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