Are Rangers really considering a massive exit from SPFL?

Are Rangers really considering a massive exit from SPFL?

There are murmurs simmering in the bowels of Scottish football that Rangers are contemplating an exit from the SPFL if the current farce continues.

The disastrous vote, about which lie, bribery, and scandal have all surfaced, threatens to derail the embers of integrity the game north of the border has left, and Rangers are starting to run out of patience with the greed, corruption and politics which continue to linger.

Of course, a move south from Scottish football would be incredibly hard to manage – unless by some miracle Rangers could get a move to the lower EFL, they’d have to start again at the bottom like everyone else, and having already done that in 2012, we’re not sure how enthused fans would be about a second Journey in a decade.

But it’s clearly a bad situation, where Rangers are being denied any kind of fight towards the title and it’s just being handed to Celtic, and on no level is this justice.

No one knows what could have happened at the restart, and to assume Celtic would win it by default is arrogance of the worst degree.

Look at the split alone last time:

Celtic’s final 8 matches included two draws and a loss to Rangers.

Rangers included all wins bar that one weak XI loss on the final day to Killie and the starting loss to Celtic which led to the big changes. It would have been straight wins otherwise. Meanwhile Celtic lost 7 points.

Only 13 ahead now, with longer to go, it is absolutely comical to suggest it was a done deal. Especially if Rangers had made changes like they did last season.

And it’s why Rangers are looking at all options.

And moving south is one of those.

If feasible, would you like Rangers to quit SPFL for England?

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