Another giant FIFA development directly impacts Rangers

Another giant FIFA development directly impacts Rangers

Season 18/19 has taken a second giant step towards completion after FIFA granted a permanent extension to the timetable for it being played out, following both the SFA and FA seeking a lift on the 3PM broadcast ban.

This latest development suggests the global governing bodies do not want this season invalidated and are giving it every single possible chance to play out, and this is a view shared by domestic governing bodies after that broadcast ban lift was both applied for by the domestic FAs, and granted by FIFA.

It seems more and more avenues are being explored to legitimately extend the timetable of this season, and because the majority of summer sport has been cancelled or postponed there is an infinite scheduling window opening now for all affairs to be tidied up.

It’s clear the sporting world has not only been deeply disrupted by this crisis, but the structure of it could and probably will permanently change as a result – and one of those changes could see the end of the existing season structure, in order to facilitate a legitimate end to football for 18/19.

If the season is played out late summer into autumn, then the new season may well begin around Xmas, which is not far away from the solution Wayne Rooney suggested.

But the simple fact all the governing bodies are giving every possible chance to completing 18/19 does imply Celtic aren’t about to be awarded the title, neither are Liverpool, and nothing is going to be voided either.

We’ll see how it develops.

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