A bargaining chip as Dundee confirm league reconstruction

A bargaining chip as Dundee confirm league reconstruction

As we know, Dundee among others have been involved in discussions for league construction, a direction for the SPFL vote to go instead. Or as well as – we’re never entirely sure thanks to the sheer ineptitude of our governance.

Fundamentally, the current malaise is that Dundee, we think, want a guarantee on league reconstruction in exchange for their yes vote, and this means, roughly speaking, that the SPL next season would either be a 14 or 16-team division.

And we’re not against such a division by any means.

While Scotland is a backwater, there are enough half-decent teams in the Championship to add a couple or quadruple of new clubs into the SPL for a bigger SPL which still maintains the currently… well… low standards, but that’s another discussion.

Ayr, Dundee, Inverness and Dundee Utd would all ‘go up’ by default, meaning Utd especially don’t miss out on that guaranteed promotion they’ve pretty much secured, and the other three will join them by way of a bargaining chip.

Usually it’s a playoff between the 2nd 3rd and 4th place sides, but under these talks, all of them get promotion.

And frankly we’re truly ok with a 16-team SPL – it will give the variety of matches the current setup just doesn’t, and it’s been a solution we’ve been long in favour of.

It just shouldn’t, however, be a bargaining chip to give Celtic a title.

And therein continues the clear bribery allegations – Dundee given promotion for free in exchange for a vote.

To call this situation preposterous is not doing it justice.

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