We’d love to see some changes tonight

We’d love to see some changes tonight

While Steven Gerrard has suggested sweeping changes won’t happen and it’ll be a tweak here and an evolution there, he’d certainly regain a touch of momentum and perhaps trust if he was to show progressive adaptability and make some notable changes to his XI rather than resorting to type this evening.

We wouldn’t expect a new formation or a new XI, but if Gerrard sends a stale XI out again and the performance is poor once more, it will only deeply frustrate fans who look at the same squad who’s been undeforming domestically and wonder why the manager won’t alter it.

With players like Matt Polster, Nathan Patterson, Andy Halliday, Kai Kennedy, Jordan Jones, Florien Kamberi and Jermain Defoe to name just six on the bench, we really get the sense that shaking things up against a team of the standing of Hamilton would show one of two things:

Either that the squad is dreadful and even fresh names aren’t enough to pep the displays up.


That squad players chomping at the bit can revitalise the season and get things moving again.

Players like Jones, Polster and Kamberi have a fair bit to offer – bringing in new names, trying new things, showing he’s not afraid to dump non-performers would earn Stevie a lot of slack, at a time when we really need to get some consistency going.

Remember last season’s split – pressure was off, league was gone, and Katic came back in – Steven Davis’ form went through the roof and Jermain Defoe was the main striker.

Changes (enforced or otherwise) can absolutely benefit the team, and Gerrard surely has to acknowledge doing so here can’t hurt.

Not any more than that dreadful performance on Saturday did.

Do you want changes tonight?

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