Uefa announcement – SPL could complete after all?

Uefa announcement – SPL could complete after all?

It has been (unofficially) confirmed that Euro 2020 is to be postponed till next summer, in a move widely anticipated, but more interestingly is the space this frees up this summer, once this terrible situation is hopefully greatly reduced, under control or even gone, for potential domestic fixture completion.

Rangers have 9 matches left and Celtic 8, and with no summer tournament this year, there will potentially be room now to complete the season properly, rather than the threatened abandonment and ridiculous award to Celtic.

Obviously, this season won’t be finished any time soon, but with space now available from May onwards, there is a potential opportunity for domestic leagues around Europe to resume the action come June rather than abandoning the season completely.

Of course, we’re not predicting the future – we, like everyone else, have no clue when this situation will subside, and our conjecture is just that.

But it is clear now the summer Euros are off till next year, as if that was in any doubt, and with that done, it gives European domestic football a chance to settle its affairs properly, even if it’s done late.

How say you all?

Are you in favour, if it can be done, of a summer completion of the SPL?

If feasible, should SPL complete this summer?


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