Two men at Ibrox are especially bewildered right now

Two men at Ibrox are especially bewildered right now

Obviously health and family comes first in these troubling times, but two men at Ibrox will be especially confused and concerned about the medium term:

Ianis Hagi and Florian Kamberi.

With the season’s prognosis on a knife edge, both men were desperate to play their way into a deal at Ibrox, and now find that opportunity may have been taken away from them.

It might not, we cannot predict the future, but as things stand, the two loan stars, impressing at Ibrox up until recently, now find themselves in limbo.

One of them will be a Hibs player again in June, and unable to earn his deal at Ibrox which he’s committed heart and soul to over the past two months, while the other relies on Rangers shelling out a lot of cash otherwise he’s back to Belgium.

It’s a surreal situation for these two to be in – both would have hoped, perhaps expected to be at Ibrox permanently after the summer, but now it’s all up in the air.

Of course, society beating this thing and getting back to normal is the priority for now, such silly things as football perhaps not quite so important.

But we all miss it, and we all think about it, and Hagi and Kamberi really must wonder where their futures lie.

Hopefully we can be talking about their new deals before too long, rather than the ambiguity of how things are right now.

Based on form, would you still offer them deals?

Kamberi only
Hagi only
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