There’s a huge 50/50 going on at Ibrox…

There’s a huge 50/50 going on at Ibrox…

We hinted at this earlier – the last time Rangers had a break, Steven Gerrard’s men went from top performers and league pushers to total strugglers.

The form went out the window, the tactics were absent, and Gerrard’s comments got worse.

We don’t know how long this break will last, but what we do know is it can work one of two ways:

It can do the same as last time – players lose their way, the manager loses his way, form gets worse on resumption, and the club struggles to even hold onto second.


It can turn this around. It can see that soul-searching from Gerrard, it could give the players a break to look at themselves too and to downright rest.

We are going to look at that trip to Dubai later today, but it’s clear Rangers players have been running on empty for the whole of the year.

There’s nothing in the legs, apart from, curiously, the two new signings, Kamberi and Hagi.

But for all the existing players, the energy and aggression is gone, ever since they came back.

A few weeks of rest, and necessary self-maintenance to remain fit enough may actually come as a blessing in disguise.

Obviously not for good reasons, and we hope everyone stays safe, but as a team, squad and management this club hasn’t fired in months, and we need it to.

What Rangers will come back after all this?

What Gerrard will?

Will they finally figure out the ails of the past 12+ weeks?

We need this break to work for the club. For the players.

And we need to see a completely different Rangers when the action comes back.

One that cares both on the bench and on the pitch.

Fair to ask?

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