The influence of Steven Gerrard?

The influence of Steven Gerrard?

In the past few months, a change in trend has been noticeable and at Ibrox Noise it’s stood out like a sore thumb.

We’re not judging it, or preaching about it, but we do note it, and we wonder if you have too.

Back in the days of Warburton, Pedro, and Murty x2, Rangers fans exalted glory upon the players as well as the manager in times of victory, particularly hero-worshipping the side when Bread Man’s Rangers overcame Celtic at Hampden.

There wasn’t a tonne to cheer about under Pedro, true, but when the team did do well, it got the credit as much as the Portuguese farce did.

Same with Murty – remember the fawning over the team before it faced Celtic in that fateful March loss? We thought we had a title winning side and gave it all the bigging up we could.

But something has changed under Steven Gerrard.

Has anyone noticed that when Rangers do well, it’s Stevie who gets the credit, and when Rangers struggle, it’s the players who get the criticism?

Certainly, criticisms have been made of the manager’s tactical rigidity and personnel favouritism, true, but over the past three months the majority of criticism has been at the players, when in December it was Gerrard who got all the credit for the month’s results.

Indeed, Stevie has received a tonne of praise for his European exploits, but it’s the players attacked repeatedly for the domestic failures.

We’re not judging this, but we do wonder why this overall theme has kicked in the past few months.

It’s true the players have certainly not been at the races this calendar year, no one would argue that, but the win and lose as a team cliché doesn’t seem to apply to Rangers right now.

It looks more like ‘win as Steven Gerrard’, ‘lose as Rangers’.

Of course there’s plenty of individual exceptions to this, it’s a bit of a sweeping generalisation on our part, but you must remember we engage with hundreds of thousands of Rangers fans and it’s a recurring theme more often than not.

And it also doesn’t abandon that plenty of players have been given individual credit, for individual performances – but not so much the team as a whole.

Either way, whether it’s Steven Gerrard or the men he manages, we certainly hope for the best result on Thursday.

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