“Support them all, or not at all”

“Support them all, or not at all”

Earlier we did a piece on how Rangers have overhauled the playing squad six seasons in a row, in an attempt to find the right balance on the Journey back to being the best team in Scotland.

As we now know, while our first XI was good enough to beat Celtic, it’s lost its way a bit, but the squad as a whole was never good enough to carry the weight for the marathon of a full season.

But there’s an interesting twist here:

A lot of fans, the major majority in fact, trust and believe in Steven Gerrard.

And yet, it’s curious to note, the same fans are happy to see yet another squad overhaul this year.

What is the difference between constantly changing the squad, and constantly changing the manager?

We’re not sure there is one.

Gerrard himself overhauled the squad last year and made changes again, in a move supported by the majority – we all like to see new blood.

But the same supporters don’t want a change in manager, as if that’s any more disruptive than changing the personnel every six months.

What is our point?

In truth we’re not entirely sure. We just find it a contradiction to say ‘give him a chance’ and ‘we trust in Stevie’ but not affording the same courtesy to many of the players.

Instead it’s ‘p*sh’ or ‘not good enough’ when a player has a couple of bad games.

We guess what we’re saying is we think it would be better to support the whole Rangers regime, and the club, rather than picking and choosing which bits of it to side with.

We even see a further confusion when some players get utterly destroyed by fans (Davis, Tavernier and Goldson lately) but those are absolute Gerrard favourites and the same supporters believe in the manager who picked them.

Yes, Gerrard has flaws, many, but it’s more an issue of fairness we have with the stance some supporters seem to take.

They afford more fairness, kindness, and generosity to the manager than they do to many of the players he signed, that he chose, that he crafted in his image.

And that’s not exactly consistent.

Support them all… or not at all…

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