Stevie G’s latest move has fans reeling

Stevie G’s latest move has fans reeling

Steven Gerrard has come under fire again from fans after the beleaguered Rangers boss picked Matt Polster out for criticism but failed to make similar comments about anyone else.

The American FB hasn’t ever let his side down, and has always given it all, but rather than defending him like he has the likes of Tavernier, Kent and Goldson, the manager ripped into Polster for ‘not taking one for the team’.

Gerrard’s man-management skills have increasingly under the microscope the past few months, following his favouritism for some players and casting out of others, and this appears to be another example of using a scapegoat for blame culture.

We recall on Ibrox Noise someone defending Alfredo Morelos, stating Gerrard (and the fans) are using him as a scapegoat, but the manager does not help himself one bit by plucking out a reliable fringe player for scathing treatment during a time where the team’s confidence is already rock-bottom.

Too many players in this side are below par, but the boss seems to have a select group he will never criticise by name, whereas a bunch of others will get called out.

Many have defended Gerrard to the point of attacking the players, so we imagine they’ll probably agree with throwing Polster under the bus like this, but overall the Jose Mourinho school of attacking players doesn’t work any more in football and Spurs’ form is only one example of why smearing individuals by name isn’t a good choice of strategy.

Maybe time to wise up.

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