Stevie G’s big confession is intriguing

Stevie G’s big confession is intriguing

After confirming he’s ‘all in’ for Rangers in the long term, Steven Gerrard said something we found interesting indeed:

“I’ve had a lot of calls from the board since the weekend and the support for the players, my staff and myself has been incredible.”

There is no denying while there have been critics of Gerrard among the support, he’s mostly had support as Rangers’ manager, but the players are a different story.

Very few fans if any have given the squad their backing, in most cases blaming the individuals responsible for Rangers’ dire domestic form at present.

We’ve already slaughtered enough of them, and we’re done with that, for today anyway, but Gerrard’s assertion the players (and the staff) have received incredible support contradicts the general reaction we’ve seen.

Online especially, discussion has been rife with criticism of various players, albeit there has been substantial support for those defending them as well.

But overall, we can’t say the players have received fans’ backing in the way the manager has, and we’ve also noticed quite a bit of negativity around Gary Mac and his contribution.

But for now, the manager is presenting a united front, and the players have too – but we will see tomorrow just how much of that is pure talk and how much is sincere.

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