Stevie G confirms decision some fans may not like

Stevie G confirms decision some fans may not like

Steven Gerrard has confirmed Connor Goldson will remain in the side “100%” after the defender’s torrid performance against Hamilton on Wednesday.

Following a similar backing to James Tavernier last year after domestic and European mistakes in succession, the manager has confirmed the former Brighton man stays in the side much to the likely chagrin of supporters who demand he be rested, after a succession of apparent poor performances and a general notion that the stopper needs to be benched.

Gerrard said:

“I’m sure he’ll bounce back from it, I’m sure he’ll be fine, has he got my support? 100 per cent because I need Connor Goldson, I need the best Connor Goldson so for sure it’s there.”

These words are clear – under Steven Gerrard, Goldson (and for that matter Tavernier) remain in place and will not be going anywhere.

Fans may be a touch displeased by the manager’s continuing persistence with players viewed as troublesome, and who are simply not doing the business, but it also highlights again Gerrard’s loyalty to his favourites and disposability to those who don’t make that cut.

Fans have been desperate to see a rest for Goldson and indeed Tavernier, but it isn’t going to happen.

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