Statement: what Rangers said – and what they actually meant

Statement: what Rangers said – and what they actually meant

Rangers’ statement yesterday that the season should be played out in its entirety appeared to be a calculated gamble by MD Stewart Robertson and the board.

As we all know, the immediate future is uncertain, but one thing is clear – awarding the title to Celtic despite 8 matches remaining for them and 9 for Rangers would be a deep violation of sporting integrity and completely undermine the spirit of competition.

These are extraordinary times, yes, but we don’t believe, aside Wayne Rooney’s admittedly workable solution, that this season is likely to be able to complete – so Robertson’s assertion that it must finish is more a statement that Celtic cannot be champions without so.

If the Parkhead side earns it, fine, they win.

But complacency on their part and the arrogance to just award themselves the title despite almost a quarter of the season still on the backburner is utterly ridiculous.

We look at the Liverpool example, of course – and we observe that the Anfield side are an unspeakable distance ahead with only 6 points needed for the title.

There would be few in England able to put forth a strong case that Liverpool shouldn’t be awarded the title on those circumstances. It’s still not ideal, but it’s just about earned. And deserved.

Celtic just aren’t as far ahead as that, and Rangers have a game in hand – and while it would take a big collapse, it’s happened before – we’ve seen 20-point leads overturned (or at least dramatically reduced) in Scotland, and this isn’t close to that.

Furthermore, Liverpool have pretty much led the season from day one, and haven’t just pulled away in the last three months, unlike Celtic.

So while we admit this season being played out in its entirety is now unlikely, Rangers aren’t really asking for that.

They’re demanding, rightly, the season either finishes, or is declared completely void.

And we agree with that.

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