Something huge off the pitch disgraced Stevie G yesterday

Something huge off the pitch disgraced Stevie G yesterday

Whatever we think of Steven Gerrard, and lord knows we’ve criticised him plenty and praised him thoroughly too in varying measures, his players disgraced him yesterday, and not just on the pitch.

Post-match, the only Rangers representative willing to show up and talk to the press was Gerrard himself – not a single Rangers player had the balls to apologise.

Remember all those years ago when Jordan Rossiter took post-match duties and said sorry for a horror show? Remember all those times when someone, even Captain Courageous James Tavernier himself, would show up representing the squad and showing contrition for a rotten outing?

Not yesterday.

Not a single man in a blue shirt had the decency to show his face after that mess, which effectively threw the bus under their manager and left Steven Gerrard to deal with it alone.

He was scathing – he argued that he didn’t see a will to win on the pitch, didn’t see any bottle or hunger. He was right. Even when we argue about Stevie’s decisions, tactics and selections, which is a lot, we still expect our players to try. For the shirt, for the fans, for their own self respect.

That was despicably AWOL – we can’t ever remember a performance so low on effort, especially given what was on the line.

The only two players who may be exempt from blame are Arfield and Jack – both were injured and presumably had to immediately head for scanning and medical care.

But the rest?

Not a single man in the Light Blue with the bottle to come out to the press and say sorry.

Truly unacceptable.

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