Some Rangers fans got it wrong about Alfredo Morelos

Some Rangers fans got it wrong about Alfredo Morelos

Steven Gerrard has confirmed Alfredo Morelos has ‘shown remorse’ for his actions and that the Colombian knows he was in the wrong last week.

The striker of course was late back from South America and a number of supporters tried to justify the situation by defending his actions based on it being his ill mother, but Gerrard has repeated that the situation was the former HJK’s man’s fault and he’s taken responsibility for it.

He said:

“He’s been disciplined internally, which he’s accepted, and he showed a lot of remorse for his actions, letting his team mates down and letting the supporters down. So he’s accepted his punishment which will stay private for obvious reasons.”

If Morelos had done things the right way, he wouldn’t have been disciplined, he wouldn’t be punished, and wouldn’t have had to show remorse and apologise.

In short, the Colombian was in the wrong here, didn’t do things the right way, and the manager, who’s made a few errors lately for sure, got this one bang on.

Up to you where your Rangers career goes from here Freddo.

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