Rangers’ season is a goner? Not quite…

Rangers’ season is a goner? Not quite…

While we’ve had a tonne of support and agreement over our admittedly strong opinions about events at Ibrox lately, we also accept there’s been a majorly negative tone in our content, certainly since Saturday.

Now, of course, if you examine our output from Wednesday till Saturday, we were quite the opposite; frustrated perhaps at domestic form, but filled with praise for the team and hoping the win in Portugal would kick-start the home stretch.

Unfortunately Saturday was arguably the worst performance and lack of effort we can ever remember from a Rangers team.

This wasn’t Parkhead (where we won, of course, last year), this was bottom of the table Hearts, a team Rangers should have been able to overcome, but then, we were unable to in January, and we had misgivings that we could at the weekend.

But for the team to go out there and be legitimately outplayed, outfought, outmuscled and outclassed by a side in the state Hearts are in was deeply damning, and it’s why Steven Gerrard admitted he’s considering his future.

So, how do we pick ourselves up?

How do we restore pride and a bit of a run?

If we look to this time last year, we produced our best football in the split, when there was no pressure, and Celtic had already effectively won the league.

We can see something like this happening again. The league and season are already gone (before March even began) and with less pressure on them, these players will play with more freedom, and show what they’re actually capable of.

Unfortunately, they’re unable to do that when it counts. And that is of course a problem.

But it doesn’t affect Europe.

Rangers have been gigantic in Europe – with no pressure on, this team has been able to go out and punch well above its weight, beating massive sides like Braga, Feyenoord and Porto, with ease, at times, when presented as the underdog.

And there we come to the crunch – Europa League is all Rangers really have left to play for, but my God what a prize that is.

What a dismal domestic season, since January, and yet now, facing a European team of the same calibre of many we’ve already put away, Rangers have no genuine cause holding them back from achieving whatever they want to.

The quarter finals are genuinely feasible, this team is capable of going beyond the Germans, but obviously it’s tinged with frustration that domestically the squad just hasn’t given enough of a damn to excel similar.

Yet, come May, how would Rangers feel being trophyless domestically but holding aloft Europa League silverware?

The season isn’t totally gone, it could end up being one of the best we’ve ever had.

Sort of.

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