Rangers in danger of completely crumbling

Rangers in danger of completely crumbling

A disappointing night in Govan ended with Rangers’ chances in the UEL hanging by a thread after a second-gear Bayer Leverkusen clinically eased their way to a 1-3 win.

The problem we have with this match is the absolutely horrific negative tactics employed by Steven Gerrard, and the almost-zero workrate and spirit the team exhibited throughout.

For all the ‘rising up’ the team has done in the UEL, this match was domestic form but unfortunately on a European level.

Too many players didn’t show up, too many were out of their depth, and too many quite simply gave the visitors more respect than they deserved.

That it took till 55 minutes for Rangers to stop standing off embarrassingly from their opponents and actually take a bit of a fight to the Germans was as much about the introduction of Florian Kamberi as it was about Rangers improving by any tactical nous.

This Rangers team demonstrates less heart with passing matches, and the manager less ability too.

Steven Gerrard doesn’t have a clue. Sorry, but he doesn’t. We’ve said it before, been slaughtered for it, but the fact the players were playing to his gameplan and weren’t working, while in themselves showing next-to-no ability either says everything for this utterly rotten Rangers regime.

Because that’s what it’s turning into now.

How long will the majority of fans just keep backing Gerrard?

The players are rank rotten now, but they’re HIS players.

Of course, in fairness we didn’t expect too much from this match – with domestic form as it is, we felt this might be a bridge too far.

And it sort of was – but Gerrard’s cowardice along with the players made Bayer’s job way easier.

Sorry, but we’re completely fed up with approaching three months of this garbage.

While Gerrard’s side managed to get this far in the UEL, and all credit to them for that, the domestic unravel plus disgraceful lack of bottle on the pitch tonight told its own story.

Neither the manager or this squad, at present, are fit for this club, and it’s yet another wasted season where a bunch of fans will ‘give Stevie next season’. Just like they said last season.

We’re bored of it now.

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