Potential big changes to transfers could majorly affect Rangers

Potential big changes to transfers could majorly affect Rangers

The present situation globally has caused the world to go upside down in the space of a borderline month. You’ll notice on Ibrox Noise we’ve not covered it much, because quite frankly being blasted by a deluge of it in our lives is tough enough without our fun distractions being taken from us too.

Ibrox Noise, is and always has been, entertainment. We serve you, our faithful readers, with content we think you’ll enjoy, whether you agree with it or not, and we’ve made a decision, now more than ever, to try to keep you guys and gals entertained with light distraction by covering the Famous as much as we can during these difficult times.

So, we can only apologise if you want updates all the time on more unpleasant things, we just aren’t here for that – we want to take your mind off them, and our own, for that matter, by remembering once this ordeal is under control or over, the Famous will still be there for us to love, get frustrated by, and argue over.

With that in mind, we’ve heard some very interesting musings about potential changes to the transfer window.

As we know, officially and formally it’s supposed to open around June, and whatever happens football wise, that month will still be there for authorities to decide how things have developed.

But the implications are that the June window opens as normal, with, unsurprisingly, likely little movement anywhere, but doesn’t close in August – instead, it just remains open, giving clubs a chance to repair any and all damage by being able to sell and buy players to rebuild and generate revenue all the way up till next year.

Bear in mind, as controversial and different as this sounds, older readers will know it’s how it actually used to be, till Bosman changed the football landscape in the 90s.

So a return to a longer-term transfer package isn’t that alien a concept to us.

In fact, in a way, we actually rather welcome it. There was nothing wrong with the way it used to be, and it allowed teams to rebuild throughout the year and keep evolving. Bringing that back, even if only temporarily, doesn’t seem the worst idea to us.

Rangers have quite a few players out of contract this summer, and a number of loans expiring – there will be changes, regardless of the immediate future, that might just see a sea swing in our game.

And the extension of the transfer window to help clubs get back on their feet after an extended absence seems a sensible way to help start the revenue back up.

Is this something you’d welcome?

Should the transfer window remain open beyond August?

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