Missing Ibrox?

Missing Ibrox?

Amidst our current crisis, Ibrox Noise thought we’d bring you a little light-hearted relief, and a stunning build of Ibrox done via the video game Sims 4’s editor system.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only attempt that’s been made at building Ibrox in this game, and using the slightly limited tools supplied by EA, it’s hell of a good effort.

As much of Ibrox has been faithfully recreated as possible, with the Bill Struth Main Stand as designed by Leitch looking, we have to say, really rather good, and the Argyl House’s window façade resplendent.

Even the tunnel is there in all its glory.

Only slight flaw is we’re pretty sure Ibrox isn’t next to the sea. But we shan’t dock points for that!

“It’s The Greatest Sight That I Have Ever Seen”

The full-size versions all all (and more) of these pics can be downloaded here:


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