Megamillions Morelos swap deal in the works?

Megamillions Morelos swap deal in the works?

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Rangers could be set for a sensational summer signing if reports are true about striker Alfredo Morelos still being under Spanish giants Atletico Madrid’s radar and an offer being prepared for the Colombian.

Rangers were linked some weeks ago with interest in Madrid’s own U19 star Rodrigo Riquelme, a winger out of contract this summer and who destroyed Rangers’ youth side singlehandedly in the UEFA Youth League a couple of months ago – the attacker will have the pick of clubs in Europe, but at this stage of development he might find he’s not quite ready for a big move, and this is where Morelos comes into play.

Could Rangers and Atletico engage in a mutually beneficial swap deal between the Spaniard and the Colombian, with no money changing hands but both handing over a player the other wants?

Riquelme’s actual market value is unclear, said to be in the region of £7M-£15M, but the actual price they can go for tends to be much inflated ergo he’s more likely a £40M player.

Morelos’ value has taken a hit the past few months, but it’s viewed that the striker wants to move on and is ready for the next challenge hence his motivation and form at Ibrox have dived badly.

But he’s still a lucrative striker and remains a top scorer in the UEL and his contract and stats give Rangers a major bargaining chip.

This would be a swap deal everyone would be happy with.

Morelos for Riquelme?

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NB: we’ve had a few responses from very angry people claiming because Riquelme is out of contract this we should be able to get him free so this article is illogical. And that is true. The problem here though is the Spaniard is still very much linked to a new deal at Madrid, as well as being a potential Bosman, so an offered swap deal may just put us in priority to his club and help us swing the situation to our advantage.

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