Lawwell’s ‘poor taste’ and ill-judged comment unwanted

Lawwell’s ‘poor taste’ and ill-judged comment unwanted

On the back of our Alex Rae piece earlier where the former Ger was ‘critical’ of both Rangers and Celtic for their self-interested responses, football-wise, to the dilemma of the title, the finest at Parkhead have gone one stage further and somehow managed to disturb deeper on the topic.

Peter Lawwell might have made a few kind platitudes about how he hopes everyone is safe and well and health is the first concern, but to put boastful comments about Celtic’s ‘magnificent’ campaign before that really was some of the worst low-taste nonsense we’ve seen yet.

In Jurgen Klopp’s statement, he made no comment about Liverpool’s season, or their merits – only that the league is void if it helps even one person feel better. Dignified and classy.

Meanwhile, at Parkhead, Lawwell saw fit to boast about how great Celtic are, how wonderful their season was, and why they effectively should win the title.

Yes, he did say the same as Stewart Robertson, that the season should play to a finish, and we are certainly not defending our MD who we feel immaturely played tit for tat on that one for his own part, but the fact the Celtic man was so waxing lyrical of his club, his fans, his season, at a time when praising your employer and customers misses the point so wildly it’s distasteful really was rather poor.

We don’t want to be doing this at a time like this, calling out football rivals and ‘point scoring’ – which is why we’ve been critical of a small aspect of our own club’s conduct too.

It’s a time for dignity, and humanity, not pettiness and point scoring.

Both of these children should know better than to play to the galleries like this, and Lawwell especially using this chance to brag about Celtic is seriously unkempt.

Bad show sir.

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