Key Borna Barisic update

Key Borna Barisic update

Rangers star Borna Barisic’s future has been called into doubt following agent Yves Cakarun’s latest intervention which is left as rather ambiguous at best.

When asked on Napoli’s interest in the Croatian international, Cakarun said:

“Naples? Borna is concentrated only on the path to the Rangers up to see you next summer.”

Now that’s our dodgy Google translate from the source material, but it does seem to be suggesting that the Turk agent has claimed Barisic is focused on his current season only, and then intends to move to Napoli in the summer.

Other outlets claim it means summer 2021 by the ‘next summer’ angle and while it’s true that next summer in English means the one the year after, our Italian sure isn’t good enough to claim that’s what it means over there.

Plus the ‘see you’ part suggests a badly-translated attempt at confirming Barisic is only interested in Napoli once the end of his time at Ibrox arrives.


It’s a bit of conjecture on our part, yes, and we leave the translation with you to decide what the heck you think it means.

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