Jurgen Klopp’s comments have a big bearing on SPL title

Jurgen Klopp’s comments have a big bearing on SPL title

As a further reference to Neil Lennon’s attitude and statement recently, we must refer to Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp.

The German manager is barely two matches and six points away from the title, from Liverpool’s first title since the 80s, and his statement yesterday we must say that we admire hugely.

True, Klopp already has some insignia in football – he’s won a few bits and bobs before, but he’s spent 5 years building Liverpool from scratch and he’s beyond close to legendary status on Anfield and yet his attitude about this situation?

Screw the title, screw the football, we’d rather people are healthy and safe.

Compare that with the crass nonsense from Lennon about demanding the title immediately, despite having much less of a lead than Liverpool and far less clout to make such a demand, and you can see the class difference.

Klopp is one we admire greatly – his players run through bricks for him, and even through the form had dropped lately, the energy is still there.

But it’s his admission that he’d give up the title and the season to preserve the health of just one person which shows him up for the perfectly decent person he is.

Don’t forget, we shouldn’t strictly be praising a man who puts health before football, that’s standard behaviour and is the decent thing to do, we’re criticising one who puts titles before health.

Of course, Rangers fans are divided over wanting the season to be axed – the team is not completely out of it and a win tomorrow would have put a few cat among the pigeons along with securing three points v St Johnstone, but either way, Celtic’s attitude is pretty deplorable.

Even Scott Brown joined in, demanding the title.

It’s poor, very poor, and Jurgen Klopp’s class only goes to highlight Celtic’s lack of it.

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