James Tavernier statement

James Tavernier statement

A lot of reaction online centres about the James Tavernier statement, where our captain explained in a recent program that teams know that pressuring us is the way to go because we’re unable to handle it.

To say the least, many fans are absolutely appalled, confused, dumbfounded and plain shocked that the captain is doing the same thing Ryan Kent did – explaining why Rangers are so rotten domestically.

Now, there are two angles here:

There’s the transparency, of being honest. Of saying we’re garbage right now and explaining to bewildered fans why this is.

But then there’s the other side. The part that now reveals Rangers’ weaknesses to opponents and gives them a tactic and instruction on how to beat us.

That’s twice in a week a Rangers player has revealed just why they believe the team is so rotten, but critically hasn’t suggested it’s something they can fix, or implied any remedy.

The message these two, especially Tavernier, are giving out, is that we’re rotten and there’s not a lot we can do about it.

Without surprising you all too much, most reaction at Tavernier has been of plain disgust. That the captain saying these things is not what a captain of this club should do, and he’s a pale imitation of one.

Of course, we already knew that.

Similarly, it doesn’t help much – at a time when Rangers desperately need solutions, the armband saying how poor we are, why it is, and implying no solution is forthcoming really isn’t the message Rangers fans need.

We don’t ever recall a Rangers team in our lifetime looking this beaten, deflated and non-defiant.

Quite honestly, the psychology around the group is pathetic, and is not that of a Rangers team at all.

And our manager appears to have no idea how to remedy that either.


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