“His legs are gone” – why some Rangers fans are wrong

“His legs are gone” – why some Rangers fans are wrong

We’ve been a little disappointed recently in some of the fan comments about stalwart Steven Davis.

While we’d never put our heads in the sand over his form this calendar year, it’s had a major mitigating factor – the absence and similar loss of form on the part of Ryan Jack, who Davis plays his best football at Rangers with.

Steven Davis did not become a bad player overnight, nor did he ‘lose his legs’ overnight – and we find comments to the contrary extremely disrespectful for a player who’s been consistently brilliant from May 2019 to January 2020.

The willingness by so many fans to dump such a reliable player has been knee jerk to the point of insulting, and this is a player who’s a fan of the club himself, don’t forget.

We certainly haven’t forgotten the past, but McGregor seems to have been forgiven for the same thing, so it’s a moot point.

But as far as Davis is concerned, make no mistake – this is a Rolls Royce player. A top-quality player whose legs haven’t gone any more than anyone else’s has.

He certainly misses Ryan Jack at his best, because the two complement each other so well.

But with the ex-Aberdeen man in and out this year, Davis has struggled with the more physical demands put on him by Steven Gerrard.

And it’s disrupted his game significantly – to the point where his own contribution has been reduced and, in consequence, his form.

Frankly he deserves better. He could have gone to any other PL side as a lucrative Bosman in January 2019, but came to the garbage SPL instead, and he’s one player who got a new deal (summer 2019) and DIDN’T lose form as a result.

He’s one of us, and he’s one of the best players we could have at this point.

Maybe show him a little more love, people?

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