Has English paper just exposed Stevie’s secret strategy?

Has English paper just exposed Stevie’s secret strategy?

There’s a little talk the past while about Sheyi Ojo, and his chances of joining Rangers permanently or of making the grade at Liverpool – Scouse red top the Echo has covered this topic, with nods to Liverpool’s strategy within the loan market.

We’ll cover Ojo properly later, but the paper in question talks about how Liverpool use the loan system to showcase their young talent, players who will never be good enough for Liverpool, in order to sell them at a profit.

Well, blow me if that’s not exactly what Steven Gerrard appears to be doing with Rangers players too.

If the Echo’s example is right, and we’d suggest it is, Gerrard is taking the same model, and if you’re a player he sends out on loan, your Rangers career is already over, no matter who you are.

By this we mean Liverpool only send out players on loan when they have no chance of making the first team – the decent talent Liverpool have developed and spent cash on but that isn’t good enough to get to the top, so they loan them out, to Rangers, Reading, Bournemouth, Bristol you name it – and they hope to see them do well there in order to encourage said club to spend money on them.

The further example of why contracts don’t mean a future at the club is Karius, who signed a new deal and immediately went out on loan to Besiktas.

That does appear to be Liverpool’s strategy, and it’s one Gerrard looks like he’s using too.

In Gerrard’s time at Ibrox, name a single player he sent out on loan who returned and got into the first team squad.

We might be forgetting someone but to the best of our knowledge, there’s none.

And this is a deliberate strategy.

If this theory is indeed accurate, and Gerrard is following Liverpool’s tactic, every player out on loan right now is done at Ibrox. Greg Docherty, Glenn Middleton, Jamie Murphy, Ross McCrorie – despite the players at the club not exactly performing outstandingly, these loans will not come back to give us a boost.

Because Gerrard is looking to sell them for a profit.

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