Ex-Rangers man attacks Old Firm – is he right?

Ex-Rangers man attacks Old Firm – is he right?

Alex Rae’s stance on claiming Rangers and Celtic are behaving in a ‘self interested’ fashion is both correct, and a damning indictment of both in a sense, in light of the classy example from Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool.

These are unprecedented times, and football has struggled to react – the former Rangers midfielder is absolutely correct to say both Rangers and Celtic, if the roles were reversed, would say the same thing, but it’s a depressing observation when we look at the classiness of Liverpool’s stance.

The Anfield side have made it clear that despite there only being 6 points needed to clinch their first title since the 80s, they’d abandon the season if it means just one person stays healthy.

That’s clear – Liverpool are willing to forfeit the title if it means this situation is helped in any way.

Compare that with the response of both Old Firm clubs. Both want the best outcome for themselves, Celtic demanding the title and Rangers demanding the season plays out.

We haven’t seen Celtic’s public response to the disaster, but we have seen Rangers’ and it’s been what it should be from a humanity point of view – but both clubs’ have resorted to type when it comes to the title itself, and Rae is hardly wrong to say on that front they’re both looking out for themselves.

In truth, neither Celtic nor Rangers have exactly covered themselves totally with dignity, when we compare to Liverpool, but equally, few clubs globally have quite responded in the way Liverpool have.

That’s a pretty powerful statement Klopp made, and it shows how wrong his predecessor Shankly actually was.

Might have been better for both clubs to have kept their thoughts on the title in-house until the worst of this is passed before then figuring out a resolution.

Celtic’s comment was utterly immature, and frankly deplorable – self-centred to extremes. Unfortunately Rangers didn’t exactly rise above that by rebutting directly.

But these are extraordinary times and those take extraordinary measures.

Is Alex Rae right?

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