England manager confession – is Stevie listening?

England manager confession – is Stevie listening?

Phil Neville’s admission that he has to prove himself and earn his coin after the England Women’s team slumped to a seventh loss in 11 matches does give some clue about what Rangers fans should expect of Steven Gerrard, and what Rangers should deliver.

Bear in mind, Neville’s Lionesses got to the semi-final of the world cup last year, and the 2019 SheBelieves Cup, so while his side are in a bad slump, just like Gerrard’s Rangers, they were strong until reasonably recently, and Neville holds his hands up to that.

“I’ve got to start earning my coin, being a better manager – and the results need to improve.”

And yet many Rangers fans don’t hold the boss to those same expectations just instead trusting in him because of his name.

It’s felt lately more like Gerrard FC than Rangers FC in truth, with fans giving the manager a level of backing we’ve not seen before, and while the boss has held his hands up over responsibility for some of it, a great many fans haven’t, and attack the players instead.

Rangers’ recent results have been poor – one domestic win in six matches, and that’s never good enough for this club.

But while we can already hear ‘negative such and such’ or ‘support the manager’ or ‘support the team’, the lack on many fans’ parts right now of supporting the team but rather backing the manager and attacking the team does say to us that that is the exact problem.

Phil Neville doesn’t have the illustrious name in football Steven Gerrard has, but he’s won more as a manager than the Liverpool man has. And if he can be held to account and his job at risk, why is Gerrard above that in the eyes of many?

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