Controversy as SPL considers axing 19/20 season

Controversy as SPL considers axing 19/20 season

Rangers’ season is under threat from Coronavirus – indeed, that of Scottish football.

With the virus spreading fast and disrupting major events around Europe, there is now a real possibility most football leagues are going to have to consider cancelling this term.

But is this what we want?

Steven Gerrard has confirmed he doesn’t want the SPL to be voided this season, and would rather all matches behind closed doors, but we find that utterly impractical.

So, we’ll put it to you.

Should this season be terminated early and voided completely? Start all over in the summer again. It would also relieve the colossal issue of the St Johnstone match for which there is just no space.

Over to you.

Should 19/20 be voided due to Coronavirus?

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