Bizarre Rangers rumour just refuses to go away

Bizarre Rangers rumour just refuses to go away

Despite all the chaos lately, Rangers fans will have noticed something persist over the past two months – Macron.

Not Emanuel, but the sportswear brand that frankly no one had heard of till it started circulating as being the new kit maker for Rangers.

As we all know, Hummel is now effectively finished – it was due to expire at the end of the season, legally speaking, and with the season in turmoil, Rangers won’t be playing again any time soon, so the Danes are out.

And instead of the hype over Celtic’s alleged new deal with Germans Adidas, which they claim to be the biggest in Scottish history, mischief on the wires claims Rangers’ new partner will be the Italians.

They’re described as a ‘Leading European manufacturer’ but we suspect a lion’s share of fans hadn’t heard of them, like they hadn’t heard of Hummel either, and we’d certainly count ourselves among the former.

It’s no Nike, Adidas, Reebok or Puma, and we can’t help but feel the story is based on mischief – and an attempt at destabilising the supporters.

Not unlike F1 team Williams ‘Rokit’ sponsor shares its name with a London-based second hand clothes retailer. The fact that Williams’ stock is so low right now made us believe, briefly, that the apparel outlet was now Williams’ sponsor, rather than the telecoms giant.

But we digress.

Whoever is to be Rangers’ next partner, we must admit we hope they beat a Bologna-based textiler.

It might not be Adidas, but it should be fitting of the Rangers name.

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