As season gets closer to being voided, Lennon demands title

As season gets closer to being voided, Lennon demands title

Neil Lennon’s hopeful declaration that if the season is ended now that Celtic should be named champions is a very interesting take on how things should pan out, in the minds of Parkhead.

According to Lennon, if the season is ended now, whoever is bottom right now of any league in Scotland is automatically relegated, while the top teams are promoted from the lower leagues.

No playoffs, no earning of their position, nothing.

Good luck in court with that one guys.

Any side bottom of the table must have a chance to earn their place in the league – they cannot be auto relegated because then they have to take the place of someone in a division below – and they will easily take legal action due to lost revenue and not being able to get a chance to earn their place in the league.

So, sorry Neil, but no.

If this season is ended here, it’s null and void, and simply has to be.

And that goes for down south too. And every nation in Europe that is unable to logistically sort this out – which will be all of them.

Too many teams will lose out on millions through automatic relegation for it to be acceptable – and for Lennon to state his side should be declared champions would be such a violation of his CEO’s proud Sporting Integrity we couldn’t begin to express how much.

We’re not being point scoring here, we’re being honest. No one anywhere in Europe can feasibly demand anything.

The season, globally, is likely to be voided, and that also means Rangers don’t get a chance to come back in Germany Braga style. We also lose out on £2.7M SPL cash for finishing second. And we’re fine with that, because health comes first.

No one has the right to demand anything.

Not Celtic, not Rangers, not anyone.

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