A major sports proposal – are you interested in this?

A major sports proposal – are you interested in this?

We had a very interesting proposal today via our social channels.

With Rangers and all football offline till further notice, one of our regulars made a half joke about completing the season via FIFA to decide it all.

Obviously this can’t be done, for a multitude of reasons, but equally would it be the worst idea on earth to give some players from the clubs a chance to have a mini e-sports tournament or league during the worst of this?

The fact is we’re all stuck at home for a little while, and the TV networks are certainly thriving – would European football fans object to watching their favourite teams and players playing video game versions of themselves like FIFA or PES?

E-Sports is a big thing, there really is a FIFA World Cup and it’s a huge honour to win.

Wouldn’t be the worst thing to see Rangers V Celtic in videogame form, the SPL in video game form, set up every couple of days, full length matches to give us fans something to follow that isn’t a health risk to anyone.

Formula 1’s star driver Max Verstappen has already suggested it in F1, using the video game to let the drivers race each other online in a little fun escape from our troubles and giving us a chance to actually follow our sports, albeit in cyber form.

It’s maybe the kind of feelgood distraction we need, a silly little bit of fun we can actually get into, something which gives us our teams ‘back’ and someone to root for.

Just an idea?

Would you like to see Rangers/football/sport in e-sport form?

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