91% – resounding response by Rangers fans wants key change

91% – resounding response by Rangers fans wants key change

We spoke yesterday about the talk of the summer transfer window turning into a year-long transfer window, with word that it’ll extend to January and possibly beyond, effectively converting it back to the good old days when transfers were all year round and there was no window restriction.

Importantly, we wanted to know if this is something you’d like to see. Obviously we don’t know what the situation this summer will be in pretty much any walks of life, but based on hypotheticals and the window opening in June, did you want to see it remain open longer-term?

The response was as close to unanimous as we’ve seen on any poll.

91% of you wanted the window to remain open for a lengthy spell, rather than closing in late August, and with the way things currently are, it could well remain open permanently, seeing the windows system abolished entirely.

Just 9% of you want to keep the structure the way it is – we must admit we can’t fathom any reason to do that at all.


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