67% of Rangers fans want FIFA tournament for SPL

67% of Rangers fans want FIFA tournament for SPL

Off the back of F1 confirming an e-sports Formula One season featuring the real racers competing online in a virtual version of their sport, we asked yesterday if you’d be interested in the same for Rangers and football.

While the response wasn’t the biggest we’ve ever had, it was pretty emphatic.

67% of you want to see our players using this time off to play each other at FIFA or Pro Evo for a bit of light relief that we can all use as a fun distraction from the difficulties.

Imagine Rangers destroying Celtic at Parkhead all over again, but this time in the virtual world.

We’d suggest the following:

  • Each club in the SPL should put forth a number of willing players who have a games console or means to play from their homes.
  • Those number their squad for the game.
  • The system should be set up in a 25-match league format to be played twice a week for around the projected 12 weeks.
  • Teams would have the participating players controlling themselves in the game.
  • And the format would be the in-game league system, much the same as real life.

We imagine the refs will be slightly better…

Formula One is literally doing this already, and running the full season till May or beyond if need be.

And if your response is to go by, you’re in favour of it for football.

We really are too.

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