Was journalist way wrong about Rangers star?

Was journalist way wrong about Rangers star?

When Rangers signed Romanian star Ianis Hagi, while many plaudits were made of this capture, including from the press, one Romanian journalist, while similarly positive, did highlight the attacking midfielder wasn’t one to work.

Emanuel Roşu said:

“A few words about Ianis Hagi for all the Rangers fans out here: great vision, both feet, technical guru, capable of scoring impossible goals and seeing passes others don’t. Weaknesses: work rate is not impressive, sometimes tries too hard for the impossible. He is best behind a striker, he’s a born number 10. You waste him on the wing. He’s not natural there and doesn’t come back to help the defense as defenders dream.”

We have to say, the Ianis Hagi we’ve seen completely contradicts this. While it’s not quite Ryan Jack levels of midfield marauding, Hagi has worked very hard indeed to harass opponents, come inside, take up different positions, and even track back, if not a lot.

In short, did Roşu get this completely wrong or is Hagi’s work rate and clear effort an indication of attempts to win a deal?

The one thing that’s stood out is the attacker’s attitude – he’s been bashed about, kicked, lumped, crushed – not once has he complained or whined about the treatment – he just gets up, sometimes slightly exasperated with hands outstretched in a ‘wtf’ manner, but then just gets on with it.

This really is a refreshing change from so many overseas players who come here and (understandably) let the game get on top of them and shove them down.

Not Hagi.

As to whether the journo was wrong about him, it’s early days, but signs are good.

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