“The media is out to get us” – Celtic

“The media is out to get us” – Celtic

We’re sorry we’ve banged on a bit about Celtic today, but this stuff affects us directly, so it’s important. And we have to say we’re amused by the fans’ reaction to their club banning Sky Sports.

Did you know Celtic fans believe the MSM is out to get them, and that the papers are run by the Masons?

All these years of negative Rangers headlines, of barely anything negative about Celtic, with Peter Lawwell effectively running Scottish football along with Clare Whyte, as the media uses Rangers to its own ends, and apparently it’s Celtic that get the abuse from the rags?

This is news to us.

We had to look into this Sky story a bit more, and were pretty staggered to hear a joyful reaction from supporters who believe groups like Sky are anti-Celtic.

Now, just so we’re clear, Sky, who employ Andy Walker to commentate on Rangers games, is anti-Celtic?

Who used to employ Davie Provan for Rangers games. Is anti-Celtic.

For our money, Sky are completely neutral – they’re fair to both sides, because they don’t have an agenda in Scotland beyond subscribers.

They will take the pound up here whether it’s blue or green. They couldn’t care less.

They also want to please as many up here as possible in order to kowtow to them – hence using Celtic-minded pundits for Celtic matches, like Kris Commons and the aforementioned Walker, and Rangers ones like Kris Boyd and Neil McCann.

They really don’t take sides.

But no, Celtic fans have decided they’re the baddies along with the rest of the MSM which is out to get all things Celtic.

Not sure we’d entirely agree.

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