“Stopped trying months ago”, “What attitude” – player ratings on incredible night

“Stopped trying months ago”, “What attitude” – player ratings on incredible night

On a night of one of, maybe the greatest ever Rangers’ European comeback, Ibrox Noise brings you our ratings for a result no one saw coming.


By some distance his best performance this year, and by the best since his new deal, Greegsy really showed up for this one and stopped some certain goals. If not for him, the early Braga lead would have been a lot worse. 8


Still pretty poor, Tavernier is playing because he’s a favourite and has the armband. He didn’t put in a worthy cross all night, and looked embarrassed on several occasions by superior opponents. Managed to improve slightly as Rangers got more into it later on, but no, this was another flaccid display from a player who appears to have stopped trying months ago. 5


Prevented a certain goal with a brilliantly timed tackle, and had one or two outstanding lobs forward. Couple of shaky moments too, but overall he can be happy with his shift. 7


Exposed once or twice, but really stood out in the second half and was part of the galvanising comeback with a brilliant solo dribble. He worked hard and this was a definite improvement on his part. 7


Unfortunately, he’s just way off it. He was horrifically exposed early on and was beaten several times, and managed only two crosses, neither of which was remotely decent. He’s in bad form right now and we hope he gets out of it some time soon. Depending on injury, of course. 5


It’s a bizarre one – he did a fair bit good but unfortunately no Jack equals no party for Davis. Gave the ball away a lot, but worked much harder on defence, as he kind of had to. It reduced his passing game a lot. 6


Hauled off early on grounds of yet another rotten display. We kind of hope this is the last time we see this guy in our shirt. Is so far off being good enough it’s become painful. No coincidence things got much better once he was off. 3


A strong performance – during the early swathes of Braga domination and possession, he was the one home midfielder playing to his strengths. Used the ball well, pressed, and worked. He was a credit to the shirt. And when Rangers got more into it, he rose to that. 7


We feel for him. Another one who’s miles off his game right now. We covered this in a previous entry, but it’s sad watching him struggle like this. He’s getting close to losing his place, unfortunately. 4


A MASSIVE part of the comeback, Hagi had been bright but unable to influence the match enough – he was a bit outnumbered. Then he scored an absolute peach and everything changed. Scored the winner, and showed just what a talent and what attitude he has. 8


Yet another one struggling for form. Sure, decent save but he should still have scored. He’s just not there right now, and hasn’t been since Motherwell last year. 4



Along with Hagi, the other half of the comeback. Aribo’s dribble may have had a small break in it, but his composure with the finish was world class. No one can deny this lad has close control, but this was definitely his finest night as a Rangers player. He and Kamberi gave Rangers a completely new lease of life. 8


We’ve been harsh on this lad – he’s a Hibs loanee after all. But he brought energy, industry, and a whole new batch of problems for the rearguard. He along with Aribo helped swing this and he can now consider himself, surprisingly, a legitimate contender for a first team place. 7


got the team all wrong. Shouldn’t have started Kamara, and the tactics were a mess. And then, he changed things. And those things completely altered the course of the match in a manner no one could have seen coming. Stevie got it wrong to begin with, then fixed it beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. He gets a tonne of credit for having the European Midas’ touch again. 9

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