Stevie puts down journo – “Am I allowed?”

Stevie puts down journo – “Am I allowed?”

Steven Gerrard has today launched a strong defence of his post-match reaction on Wednesday by pointedly asking if he was allowed to criticise his players, in a rhetorical tone.

The manager, who is feeling a spot of pressure for the first real time as Rangers boss, had a short reaction to a journo fielding the question:

“In terms of your criticism of the players when you said you were wrong, is it a case of there’s no point in being nice about it?”

SG: “First of all am I allowed to criticise my players? Am I allowed? Is that not my job?”

“In terms of the ‘niceties’…”

SG: “What would you have thought of me if I’d said after that game no problems here we’re all fine. I’m serious, what would you have thought of me?”

“Consider it strange, a strange reaction.”

SG: “Next question.”

And of course, he is right, because Rangers fans want honesty. However, we do all understand that honesty doesn’t always have to be public.

There might be a difference between being brutal, and not taking the punters for idiots, and perhaps Stevie goes a little too far. Some might argue he doesn’t, and the princesses in the dressing room are the problem, and maybe they have a case.

But either way, it’s down to management and the players to sort this out together.

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