Stevie G may have ‘saved’ one man with switch

Stevie G may have ‘saved’ one man with switch

It was by no means a magical or vintage Rangers display, but it got the job done and was a classic ground-out 3 points.

But Ibrox Noise was delighted to see Steven Davis back in the side, and looking almost immediately like his old self, all because of the reason we argued for weeks:

Ryan Jack.

While Jack himself was decent if not spectacular, his standard game gave Davis the licence to play his, while working even harder than usual on the defensive side to show he can graft like the rest of them.

Davis’ use of the ball was tight, his defensive work extremely helpful and intelligent, and the NI international was one of the home players who definitely excelled on a terrible pitch and in worse conditions.

His poor form was always down to not having Jack next to him – the two are a partnership and work together – Jack with the more physical side, the more mobile, the more harassing, while Davis is the ‘quartermaster’ who uses Jack’s work to find time for a pass.

There was no coincidence James Tavernier found himself making far more forward runs – he had a lot more ammo and a lot of it came from Davis getting so much of the ball and looking for someone.

It was back to last year’s Davis, albeit maybe still marginally rusty.

Davis’ loss of form was pretty much down to no Jack – he remains one of the most reliable and consistent players we have, but the system is built to suit him best.

Take a part of it away, an integral part like Jack, and he struggles far more in the same machine.

Anyone would.

Welcome back Davo.

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