Stevie G delivers fans some unwanted Ibrox news

Stevie G delivers fans some unwanted Ibrox news

Rangers fans have been dealt a bit of a blow after manager Steven Gerrard strongly implied to the point of confirming that both neither Sheyi Ojo or Joe Aribo would be dropped, and would in fact be playing a significant role going forward.

Rangers had another poor outing yesterday including massive loss of points, and these two played especially poorly without any effect on the match, leaving many Rangers to believe or at least hope they’d be dropped.

But Stevie has sadly confirmed they are to remain in place and indeed he’ll push them harder.

However, he did give a small boost by suggesting the likes of Jordan Jones may also start to get more of a chance, and we can only hope that takes precedence over the Ojos of this world.

He said:

“We have got some talent around the squad that I am waiting to come to the fore to help us, and I am going to continue to push Alfredo and Ryan Kent and Joe Aribo and Sheyi Ojo.”

We assume this ‘talent’ refers to Jones etc, but the addendum does take that little spark of hope away.

Aribo, overall, has been a gigantically duff signing – a brief spark in the right wing position has faded and he’s back to his slow ineffective worst with just one assist in 6 matches, while Ojo never actually had a spark in the first place.

But unfortunately the manager is sticking by his favourites come hell or high water.

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