Steven Gerrard made a giant mistake today – and some fans pegged it…

Steven Gerrard made a giant mistake today – and some fans pegged it…

Steven Gerrard made a shocking error today, one which was exposed wildly – by his own supporters.

With Alfredo Morelos suspended for the UEL this week, many fans are asking why on earth he started today’s trip to Perth, instead of giving valuable minutes to Florian Kamberi who obviously will lead the line on Wednesday.

We don’t just mean on a form basis – every honest Rangers fan knows that the Colombian’s form at Ibrox is truly appalling, and has been since Motherwell. It’s gotten especially bad this calendar year, and to quote one of the guys on the site from earlier today, he’s gone from a potentially £100M striker to barely a £2M one in the space of a few weeks.

No, we mean on a logistics basis – Kamberi with his excellent cameo on Thursday showed he’d earned a shot at starting today, and instead Stevie went, again, with Morelos, whose minutes would be wasted in comparison with the Swiss-born Kamberi who could use the fitness.

As it turned out, Kamberi was desperately needed and made a big, big impact, but this only highlighted more how dumb a call it was to start Morelos when he can’t even play in Portugal.

We will cover the unravelling Morelos story later on, but we focus here on the on-loan Hibs man, who is proving himself big time.

He certainly should have started today, in light of Wednesday’s suspension for his team mate, but only his manager knows why he was on the bench.

Is this a case again of Stevie’s favourites coming back to haunt him?

We think it might.

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