SPL fans claim Alfredo Morelos is ‘vulnerable’…

SPL fans claim Alfredo Morelos is ‘vulnerable’…

We’ve been seeing a lot of amusing comments on the site lately, mostly from clubs of other fans trying to be disparaging towards Alfredo Morelos’ disciplinary issues and the advent of VAR tonight at Ibrox.

Of course, the technology takes its maiden bow at Govan, the first time in Scotland it’s been used, and in light of the absolute shambles our own country makes of officiating, it is set to be a refreshing change seeing hard evidence prove the ref right or wrong, in real time.

And the Morelos angle? Well, fans of other sides like to imply the Colombian is a diver, or a cheat, or behaves poorly, and that he’ll be the most vulnerable to VAR and its effects.

Only thing is, Morelos doesn’t do any of this. The one time we recall he dived, he rightly got booked – he’s been naughty, yes, and his behaviour has let him down now and again, but VAR is not for judging a player’s personality or behaviour.

It’s for getting calls right. Factual hard calls right.

Whether it gets used for the correct thing in England, we don’t really care, but the big calls are:

Was the ball over the line?

Was it a penalty?

Was it offside?

Is it a red card offence?

These are the game-changing decisions, not whether or not a player is guilty of simulation – and these are the kind of things, if the tech is used correctly, that will see VAR deployed.

So, not only is Morelos not a cheat, but even if he was, VAR isn’t for that.

Sorry, but you’ll just have to find another reason to hate Scotland’s best striker.

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