Some Rangers fans smear current player – with good reason or not?

Some Rangers fans smear current player – with good reason or not?

Ibrox Noise will chew threw the wreckage of another clutch of points thrown away by an off-key Rangers over the course of the weekend (woopee) but something over the past few days has disappointed us greatly about some of our own fans:

The insults at Greg Docherty.

Over the past few days, the kind of Staunch Loyal who think Glen Kamara is good enough have taken to smearing Docherty, suggesting he’s barely Accies level (yes, one said that).

Indeed, we were baffled to see this level of borderline aggression aimed at one of our own, by, apparently, our own, when the stats show he’s better than Joe Aribo.

Yes, remember those numbers for Shrewsbury in League One where he actually outperformed Gerrard’s preference for the same position, that preference playing in a much better team to Doc’s near-bottom Shrews?

Apparently, Aribo is good enough but Docherty isn’t.

Yes, we know, ‘another Docherty’ post – we’re just so staggeringly frustrated that such a good player who proved his worth in a strong league down south has been spat out by the club, and a fair number of fans not only didn’t object, but endorsed it.

When we watch displays like today, and Kamara gifting the ball to the Sheep with a bow on, or Aribo being completely anonymous, we KNOW Docherty would do more in either position – he’d work, he’s one of us, and the kid can play.

You’re allowed your opinion – if you think Docherty really is lousy, you’re entitled to think that.

But the facts really don’t back you up, and this XI could truly use his all-round game.

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