Shameless Rangers disgrace the name with gutless garbage

Shameless Rangers disgrace the name with gutless garbage

Where do we begin? Where can we even start on easily the most disgraceful 90 minutes of Steven Gerrard’s Rangers reign?

We’re going to sum it up thus:

That was the most gutless, spineless, most pathetic performance we can remember from a Rangers ‘team’ for years.

No invention, no aggression, no energy, as once again the classy XI who shone on the continent failed to show up at Tynecastle, and the bottom-placed side AGAIN deservedly beat Rangers.

Immediately reaction from some fans is this manager simply cannot deal with the SPL, and there may be merit to that, but it clearly applies to the players too.

This level of lame capitulation was shameful, it was a shambles, it was unacceptable to the Rangers shirt, and we can simply not remember a worse, more inept and clear apathetic ‘performance’ by a Rangers XI ever, frankly.

The players out there, for the most part, looked like they simply didn’t care. Not that they weren’t up for it, but that they simply didn’t care.

This match mattered more to the fans and the manager than it did the players, and even though we’ve had our criticisms, many, of the boss, the players owed at least the FANS a performance, given the league was as good as gone.

Nope, they didn’t care about this one either, don’t care about the fans, and we can barely reconcile what’s happened since New Year with what preceded it.

We’d say we’re lost for words but the preceding rant suggests we’re not.


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