SFA controversy – it’s time for Rangers to stand up and speak out

SFA controversy – it’s time for Rangers to stand up and speak out

Just under one year ago, Managing Director Stewart Robertson did something we’d waited as a fanbase and a supporters’ group for many years to see:

He called out the BBC and SFA.

In a strongly-worded interview, he confirmed Rangers are treated differently under the new Compliance Officer, Clare Whyte, and without naming her directly called her out.

See the interview here for details.

This was long-overdue and Rangers fans applauded it enthusiastically.

However, following a bizarre spate of dreadful refereeing recently involving Rangers the demand has got to be:

Speak up again Rangers – it’s time to once again hold those at the top accountable to a clear problem in this country with officiating when it comes to Rangers.

The most recent example was only Saturday, when Aberdeen’s Sam Cosgrove got away with 5 officially acknowledged fouls and countless ones which weren’t given, without even receiving a booking, before Connor Goldson, on 61 minutes, received a straight yellow for his first foul of the match.

There is absolutely no argument that this wasn’t even, that this wasn’t a fair playing field, that evidently one player was getting away with murder while the other was executed for a light slap.

Rangers must now take their loud voices and protest this diabolical refereeing – Robertson was strong enough to call out Whyte before, he and others with a platform to do so must now take the opportunity to repeat the message.

We can see what the referees are doing, we can see Rangers players are being treated more harshly than the opposition.

We look at the stats v Aberdeen, and while 18 fouls were officially given by the ref, countless more were not – more crucially, while Aberdeen committed those 18 fouls and Rangers just 9, the bookings were comparable – 3 for Rangers, 4 for Aberdeen.

Plus of course the game-changing stuff, where for example Hamilton were down to 10 men inside 15 minutes at the weekend but had it been v Rangers the guilty party would probably have seen yellow only. Or got away with it completely, Cosgrove style.

That must end, we want an even playing field.

Rangers have a big voice in Scotland.

It’s time to once again use it.

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