Scotland should be deeply ashamed of itself

Scotland should be deeply ashamed of itself

15th of December 2019.

That’s when it all changed in Scottish football for Alfredo Morelos.

He’d been abused (including racially) all game by home supporters at Fir Park, and when he scored, he lost his cool and gestured back to them.

This got press coverage, bans, castigation from all quarters. Meanwhile, of course, Scott Brown’s similar gesture at Rangers fans previously had gone totally unpunished.

But not Morelos.

After the Parkhead match, in which again he was abused all match, and once sent off was racially attacked by a young boy, Alfredo Morelos has never played for Rangers since.

Of course, he has – he’s been back out there since his suspension, and he’s not hidden, but it would be a falsehood to say Morelos has been ‘at it’ since his return.

The lights are on but no one’s at home, and that’s the fault of nothing more than the Scottish game and Scottish press for destroying his mental strength.

There is only so much crap one man can take, only so much abuse, racism, street attacks, car violations you name it.

This is a young man expecting a child soon, who’s been linked with a hundred other clubs yet signed long term with us.

He’s committed to Rangers.

Yet Scottish football hates him, abuses him, attacks his skin colour and tries to run him out of the country.

All because they don’t like him.

Well done Scottish football and the press, well done on breaking a young man, an elite footballer just because you don’t like him or the team he plays for.

This country should be deeply ashamed of itself.

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