Rangers winger appears to take subtle dig at Gerrard

Rangers winger appears to take subtle dig at Gerrard

Rangers winger Jamie Murphy has dropped a hint of unhappiness with Steven Gerrard after deliberately ‘ignoring’ the Rangers manager in a recent interview.

The former Brighton winger was placed out on loan by Gerrard in favour of the retention of the likes of Sheyi Ojo and Brandon Barker, and while the former Scotland man was polite and implied he still wants to play for Rangers, he was subtle in inferring he’s not a big Gerrard fan.

He said:

“I don’t think I could have had two years without playing, which was another reason for going. If I want to play till 35 and beyond I couldn’t miss two full years. I got the chance to go on loan and after speaking to the Rangers gaffer it was the right thing to do. I certainly don’t think I’d have played every game at Rangers. After this injury I felt I needed to play consistently for a while.”

His labelling Gerrard as ‘the Rangers gaffer’ and not by name suggests a definite lack of warmth towards the boss, who is pretty prolific for having his ‘favourites’ as we all know.

The reason Murphy’s departure has become more of an issue of contention in the past fortnight is that the options left over, for his position, as stated, are effectively Barker and Ojo, neither of whom has impressed on any level, and while we wouldn’t label Murphy as Ronaldo by any manner of means, he’s been good enough to play for his country and in the PL in England.

We basically mean we’d rather see a dyed in the wool player, one of us, who can actually play, like Murphy, come on than Brandon Barker.


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