Rangers must beat 12 men every match

Rangers must beat 12 men every match

Article by: Derek

I was going to write an article saying Rangers are really different this year. They are stronger, they are faster they are fitter, and they were moving the ball so slowly a snail could take the ball from them…

Then, last night, after the Hibs scored their “goal” courtesy of yet another dreadful day of refereeing I had to tear my article up and start from scratch.

Could this be the game that turned our season around, and is this the game that it became clear as day that the Refs are 100% against us?

I think both.

Now the team knows they actually have to get bodies in the box. At one point I think I saw five Rangers players in the box, in open play, for the first time…. since well I honestly canny remember.

Hagi, ohhh what a player. We now have balance at the front. A team that knows it has to attack relentlessly, and now we just have to beat Celtic twice in the second half of the season to pip them to the title.

We can do this, even though the refs are clearly biased. We can do this, even though we have given Celtic a huge lead. We can do this because we have the better team.

Bobby Madden can pretend he’s blind. Kevin Clancy can give his soft penalties, but we will find a way, and the more the refs try to throw Celtic the league, the more obvious their Celtic bias is.

It’s just the way it is.

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