Rangers have just pocketed a cool £20M

Rangers have just pocketed a cool £20M

With victory tonight, and a last 16 place confirmed, Rangers are well and truly ramping up the cash.

Tonight alone secured £1M, while the gate receipt of the first leg was £2M.

And this confirms Rangers have just secured £7.5M in total from this season’s Europa League adventure so far purely in prize money, something which have been forgotten.

Add the group matches home gates (£6M) plus the home gates for the Danes and the Poles in qualifiers (£4M) plus the gates for the first two (£2M) and on purely prize money and gate receipts Rangers have taken in a cool £20M there or there abouts.

In short, this has really benefited the coffers hugely, and demonstrates how Ryan Kent literally did pay back his transfer fee with that goal tonight.

It’s not the riches of the Champions League, but £20M is not to be sniffed at.

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